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The Start of Organic Real Estate Investing

The best way to start in Real Estate Investing is to look at what will work for you today, in an area that you know and with financials you can understand.  Call it “Pure & Simple” - or call it “Organic.

The minute you start reading books, buying courses, listening to other people’s “sure bets” you are adding impurities to the process. 

Most people who have problems with their Real Estate investments focussed only on the end result and didn’t examine the “ingredients” necessary to achieve their goals.  A pretty picture, a vision of supreme happiness and no sense of reality for all that would be involved to get there.

Real Estate Investments are somewhat like children in that they are supposed to make you happy and proud, however they take a lot of time and effort and in many cases, cost a lot of money. 

How then can you maintain an “organic” portfolio?  Buy local and buy what you know.  If you want to go out of your area then visit the area yourself, spend time learning everything about what goes on there, and work with someone who is certified and trusted in where the best neighborhoods are and which are changing.

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