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Advertising an Investment Apartment for Rent

Advertising the apartment for Rent - Hire a Real Estate Broker to handle it for you.

As a Real Estate Broker with over 30 years of rental experience and only a couple of mishaps professionally I can only suggest that you hire someone to do this part of the project.

There is only one cardinal rule in Real Estate Renting - Stay away from your Tenants.

There is little you can do to separate you, your emotions and your feelings from the Tenant who wants to rent your property.  As a trained professional, I can not do it.  I say the wrong things, I try to make friends with people, I see the best in them, I make allowances.  All terribly wrong when renting to someone. You always want to maintain the following:

  • Confidentiality
  • Bargaining Power
  • Professional Image
  • Favor-less relationship - Tenants most often will ask for things.  If they think you are their "friend" they will be more inclined to ask for more, more often.  If you are distant, they will become more independent and handle their problems themselves.
  • The word "No" - Much easier to say no to someone or turn down their application if you are not face to face with them.
  • Middle man - You have much more time to think about a  prospective applicant, ask for more information,wait for other applications, since you are not directly the person who is at the front of renting procedure.  It is easier for the agent to offer excuses than for you to fend off the pressure put on by the renter.
  • Vetting the prospective applicant.  An agent has the means to thoroughly evaluate the reliability and background of the tenant .  They have had more experience in qualifying applicants and can use that judgement to assist you in choosing the right person.







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