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Life Style Specialists

New School - New Job - New City -  The Ready Group started in 1998 doing short term rentals in NYC.  At that time it was a novelty for many reason.  Now it is the hottest buzz around.  What set's us apart from the crowd is that we used the name READY to highlight the fact that we were here to help our clients be READY to start their new life in the big city.  The would fly in and within a matter of days have to start a new school  or job.  They had little time to get all the niceties together.  As complicated as it is to figure out NYC, moving here adds to the nightmare.  Our goals then and now are the same.  We are concerned about the total being of our clients and are there to be of any and all assistance at this exciting and challenging time of their lives.  Your plans might be in terms of months or years.  Our specialists know the ins and outs to make your experience extra special.


New Relationship - Our lives can change based upon our relationships.

Starting with Mom and Dad ( and going back to Mom and Dad) we look to our independence and later possibly their dependence.  Our Specialists are well seasoned and experienced to know all that is involved with each special time of our clients lives.  Moms and Dads are a welcomed addition to searching for the best place for their children to start on their own paths.

To Love or Not to Love -  New Relationships, getting married, having children.   Our interests, needs and emotions change. Quietly and positive Ready Specialists pride themselves on listening to their clients and helping them with the changes they are planning for.

Empty Nesters -  The most fun time of all.  A chance to do what you want to do, go where you want to do and finally live all the dreams that you have thought about.  Ready Group Specialists join in the fun and help you let the party begin.

Senior Joys - Helping put together the best plans to provide for  comfort and joys and honor a long and wonderful life is a very rewarding specialty.  They are devoted to help all members of the family and their needs  and achieve a well thought out lifestyle plan for this  multi faceted area of Senior Living.

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