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Ebola & 147th Street – Hamilton Heights

725 good outsideEbola certainly has brought attention to 147th Street in NYC where a dedicated humanitarian, Dr. Craig Spencer, lives.  Looking beyond the political and media headline grabbing attention, there is Real Estate story here. 

Dr. Spencer has to have risen to the top of everyone’s list of great and most wonderful people. That is now that you know about him.  A brilliant, down to earth, regular guy with an everyday job being an emergency room doctor at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. In his spare time he volunteered for Doctors Without Boarders in an area that has been stricken with one of the worst health tragedies possible -Ebola.

With his affiliation with Doctors without Boarders and the strict protocol of his medical training, he has done everything right, and his care and subsequent procedures will be models for future dealings with the deadly disease in this country.

Dr. Spencer also brings attention to thousands of other people who take their dedication and humanitarian beliefs to the extreme and do something about it.  They care and give back. They do not need notoriety to be important, they actually are the ones that get the hard stuff done, while others just talk or complain about it.

On the Real Estate level, Dr. Spencer has brought the lime light onto 147th Street where the decontaminated  “Ebola” laced apartment is located.  Let’s be more precise, West 147th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam.  This is one of the latest areas that I am keenly excited about.  I say it simply, I do love this area. 

Most news writers have called this Harlem.  Only a few locals have made mention of it being in Hamilton Heights and some have been more specific in terms of being between Broadway and Amsterdam.  Saying that this place is in Harlem is like saying that West 22nd Street is  downtown Manhattan.  You immediately get a vision of the area. 

I only found out about Hamilton Heights in the past couple of years.  It is a quieter version of the city, with many of the better conveniences - great subway lines, stores, restaurants , close to City College and Columbia as well as being extremely convenient to the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Complex.  The architecture is beautiful and apartments are filled with large rooms.

Dr. Spencer’s building is steps away from the Riverbank State Park and Hudson River Greenway where it is a joy to behold breathtaking views of the river and New Jersey.  Jogging and Bike paths are a part of residents everyday lives.  And of course Yankee Stadium is close by.

A major part of the thrill of New York City Living is who lives here.  One of my favorite topics is that people live here to be who they want to be.  That can be anyone.  An area of the city can no longer define you.  Since the city has become a safer place to live, wonderful people are now defining the areas. 

West 22nd Street is not downtown.  It is Chelsea and it is one of the hottest areas to live.  Great people moved there and now stores, restaurants and services all revolve around the needs and desires of those people. 

West 147th Street is Hamilton Heights.  Dr. Spencer chose to live there.  He certainly could have found other places to live however that is the address he wanted to call home. We know he jogged by the river as well as had the convenience of transportation to all the other great activities he loved. It is easy to speculate that thousands of other individuals, unknown to us yet, equally unbelievably great, live there as well. All doing their best to be who they want to be, defining what Hamilton Heights is soon going to become.

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