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Clutter – It’s toll on Real Estate Investing


If only this one subject could be stressed more people would succeed brilliantly in Real Estate Investing.

Clutter in simple terms is “more than necessary”.  I actually had to read books and search blogs to find out how to manage my home.  It has taken a lifetime to put in motion.  What I can say is that the results are life saving.

An easy way to attack clutter can be explained as setting up a “kindergarden classroom”.  Things are placed in areas where they will be most easily used. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Only the exact number of things that are needed are kept. Extra's are kept in an organized storage, or better yet, in the store.

That is a lot to do in a short paragraph.  DeCluttering is lifetime job and this will only be one of many blog articles about it.  Right now the focus is only a tip of the ice berg on how clutter will hurt your career in Real Estate Investing.  

With clutter we are distracted.  We are confused.  We are also technically upset.  When our homes are cluttered, we can not find things.  We think our lives are a mess.  We feel insecure.

Some people feel they are above all this and can live in a mess.  My suggestion is just see how you feel when it is cleaned up.  Immediately you will feel the difference.  It’s like the saying, “I did not know how sick I was until I got better”  Most people can live in utter chaos and live a perfectly happy productive life.  The question still remains, how much better could they be without it?

The trick to starting to declutter is “15 minutes”  It could be 5 minutes, or 10 , or 8  or 20.  It is just a number, much less than 30 minutes.  You can be forced to do anything for 5 minutes , or 10 or even 15 or 20.  Longer than that will be thought of as a chore, and difficult to find time in busy schedules to do.  This is all discussed on   The hardest part is starting.  Once you start, you actually will want to spend a few extra minutes.  Just forbid your self to do too much since that will make it harder to learn the habit of working small amounts of time on big projects.

Start small -  One shelf of a bookshelf.  One corner of a room.  A chair piled with clothes.  Today 15 minutes, tomorrow another. Leave what should be in that location .  Put only what you need there. Place all the items and extras not belonging in boxes that will be transported to their right place at a later time, or simply put them where they belong.   Make sure you only spend a minimum amount of time on the project.  Keep track of your time with a timer.  Start with the timer and stop with the timer.  Even if you repeat the timer, and extra 5 minutes or so.  To get the habit started you have to commit to do this every day until your goal is completed.   You can go down to 5 minutes on certain days and go longer on others, depending on how your feel. 

Your brain has to be cleared and on an organized plan before you will be able to achieve the Real Estate Investing goals you desire.  Starting small to keep your life organized, is a major step to making it a success.

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