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Beginners Guide to Buying a Home with Automation

The future is here today with Automated Home devices being easy to use and affordable. The old days of vacuum systems  and intercom systems being built in the wall in high end homes have long been past.

If new construction is in your plans, the electrical, gas, heating and security systems in the home should all at least be completely compatible with z-wave technology.  The difference in pricing will be minimal compared to the luxuries and life style enhancement that you will enjoy for many years to come. 

The first question is :  Should new homes with Automation devices be priced higher?  From a realtor point of view, the homes can be priced minimally different however the choice of buying a home with automation devices vs a home without is a no brainer.  It might not be worth a significant bump in price however it will make a difference in choice.

4 key areas that should be automated:

Security systems should be visible on smart phones

Heating / Cooling Systems should be operational from a smart phone

Locks and garage door openers should be operational from a smart phone

Key room lights/dimmers/fans should be operational from a smart phone.

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