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Automated Toilets – Starting with practical

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.27.00 AMThe subject of Toilets seems like the furthest thought for being an item for automation. Toilets have been around since the Egyptians and Romans and became widespread in late 19th Century with the first flushing toilets made by Thomas Crapper.

Are there any benefits that can arise from toilets being improved or are there ways to make them better. An automated toilet? Kind of a weird subject of thought.

The major problem with toilets is they get clogged. The reason they get clogged is human error. Toilets do not have movable parts in the places they get clogged. Someone threw something down they were not supposed to. Could you change the design to stop a human error?

The good news is that toilet manufacturers have decided that "clog free" toilets offer a salable feature that will attract buyers. Since "potty training" still is a major part of childhood, the fascination of throwing stuff down the toilet remains as high on the list of fun things to do as playing a game on your phone.

Toilet engineers have been busy making flush valves and trap ways larger. Pressure assisted toilets have hit the market however redesigned gravity fed models seem to be the quieter and equally as efficient choice. Once the Toilet engineers have gotten off their seats, we'll see what other helpful ideas they have incorporated into our toilet experience.

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