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Your Story

Real Estate is about people’s lives and dreams. It is not about a picture on a screen of electronic device. It is a start of a new chapter, meaning to peoples lives, a home for dreams and joys. The Ready Group puts your story on top and helps make it happen.

Our Deal


The Ready Group is driven by a passion to help clients navigate through the complex real estate market of both New York and Connecticut. Our mission is to be there when you need us, and to help wherever we can.


Real Estate Evolved


We understand that for you to experience superior customer care all options must be on the table. By utilizing the latest technology, in depth understanding of each neighborhood and expert information about future developments and trends, we are able to customize your experience with us, always working hard to ensure it is unique, positive and totally the real deal.





Finding those hidden jewels, prime locations, magical homes and profitable investments is the first step for your Real Estate Success.



Ready to Provide the Best Service Possible. Neighborhood Mavens, Investment Wizards, LifeStyle Confidents, Retirement Advisors, Niche Property Consultants and the best dedicated rental and sales associates in the market.



Michael Most

The Best Legal, Financial, Marketing, Facility and Construction Experts. After working with and scrutinizing the work of many of the top real estate support professionals in the area we and take pride in only recommending the best and most cost effective in the field.




ID-10099860 More than just a house or an apartment, your Real Estate Choices should be part of your goals and dreams in life.  Ready Group takes Real Estate to the next level - Helping you build that all important meaningful and sustainable Life.

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