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32 Jones Street – Apt 1D – Live Your Dream!


When location tops your list, 32 Jones Street might be just the apartment that will help your dreams come into reality. 

Jones street has been described as one of the most iconic blocks in Greenwich Village.  It is a quiet street ,only a single block long,  in the hub of notoriety and action - West 4th Street on one end, Bleecker Street on the other.  Cornelia Street and 6th Avenue are a stones throw away.  Charming in every way, you can feel the history of the greats as you seek out your own private haven.  Several movies and TV shows have found this short block as inspiration to capture scenes on. Picturing Dylan walking these streets, working on his music fuels any inspiration you may have to fulfill the mission of your passion.  Life is short and even if you live your ordinary life and work in your normal job, you will be living in a place that has more character and attitude than you can imagine. 

New Yorkers create their happiness and fill their world with wonder and memorable happenings.  Life isn’t dull because they do not stand still and they drink in all the energy from the wondrous activity around them.

The apartment itself is  small. 

Living area

Living area

Fitting life’s necessities in will be a worthwhile challenge, allowing you to remove the superfluous stuff in favor of the items you love, cherish and that give purpose and meaning to your life.  A large closet for your clothes, nice full , sun filled bathroom with full sized bathtub, shower insure you are comfortable in your daily needs.

There is currently a loft bed which will provide the adventurous a private place for sleep, rest or meaningful respite. 32 Jones loft bed closet copy

All the other luxuries that make your day to day living complete will find a place.  A full size stove, sink, and refrigerator along with cabinets above will serve to hold your essentials for eating and cooking.  Certainly a talented chef, blogger or inspiring foodie with be able to rate this kitchen as adequate and comfortable and could be made even better with some finer touches. 



Whatever you dream your life to be can be scaled to fit this apartment and the joy of making it work is part of the thrill and future memories. 

When reality meets fantasy this apartment holds some practical values.  It is affordable by NYC standards coming in at a price under $450,000.  The monthlies are only $794  which includes heat, hot water and all the maintenance and upkeep of the building.  With the considerable income from Cafe Vivaldi in the commercial space below, increases in maintenance are kept at a minimum. 

After 2 years you can sublet the apartment indefinitely.  As a  New York City co-op this is an excellent sublet policy.  The choices for the future use of the apartment is open.  You can live your dream and then assure yourself an equitable income from renting later on while holding to an appreciable asset.

32 Jones Street meets the criteria for cool when you pass the cute, nostalgic, hip restaurants and shops and hear music of all types coming from the famous cafe that resides below and on the surrounding streets.

It is a heartfelt place that easily can make your dream come true.  Be it a part time pied-a-terre, start of a new chapter of your life , or the place where you want to settle and call home, this apartment at 32 Jones Street offers more than just 4 walls and a fire escape view.  It certainly will be the start of something special.

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